Alongside our national network of community offices and associations, we work with a range of partners who, like us, are passionate about building a barrier free, more inclusive Canada.

Our campaign priorities can only be met through partnership and collaboration with others. We work with a range of partners that help us achieve accessibility across Canada, for the Hard of Hearing community.

We work together with governments, corporations, foundations and local businesses, who are committed to developing and supporting socially responsible initiatives that build stronger communities through enhancing access and inclusivity.

Through project grants, sponsorship opportunities and site installations, we look for creative ways to help our partners contribute. The success of the Get in the Hearing Loop Canada campaign is only made possible through the partnerships and collaborations we have with community stakeholders.

Together, we can help build a world of equal opportunities and equal access.

Community Service Partners

Collaboration is at the core of what we do because we know that society’s most pressing challenges cannot be addressed on our own. Our CHAA Network partners and other community service organizations contribute more than money – their ideas, volunteer power, and in-kind support are helping build stronger communities across their local regions.

Technology Partners

Technology Partners are service providers seeking to collaborate with our network of members and partners in the installations and servicing of the hearing loop systems.

A collaborative environment is required to ensure installs are effective and efficient.

We look to these groups for expertise and information.

advance listening logo

Since 2014, Advanced Listening has been a leader in the creation of barrier-free listening environments for the hard of hearing. From large venue systems to one-on-one counter systems, we provide the appropriate technologies and services required for a better hearing environment.

Specializing in all forms of assistive listening technologies, including FM, Infrared, Induction Loop and SoundField systems, our team of experts will help select the system that’s right for you.


It is our mission to raise awareness for issues faced by those with hearing loss, to remove communication barriers, and make public spaces accessible.

By advocating for equal accessibility for people with hearing loss, and partnering with corporate to integrate innovative hearing assistive technology into public and private spaces, HAT Group is dedicated to removing communication barriers for everyone.


Auras is based in Vernon, BC, and is run by Dave & Debbie Moore, who have many years of experience with specifying, installing & optimizing loop systems.

Before emigrating to Canada over 7 years ago, Dave & Debbie  installed thousands of loop systems in public buildings, many in quite demanding heritage churches.

Auris is the exclusive distributors of AVX loop systems in Canada.

Inland Audio Visual is a leading provider of audiovisual equipment and services. Inland AV’s team of specialists offer a comprehensive range of products and expertise through their dedicated sales, design, installation, service, event production, and rentals divisions.

With headquarters in Winnipeg, this Canadian family-owned-and-operated business extends its full-service capabilities across Western Canada and into Ontario through strategic locations in Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, and Saskatoon. Inland AV’s experience with sales, integration, construction, and design/build initiatives have contributed to the productivity and modernization of the communities they serve since 1937. 


Better Hearing Solutions has been providing Assistive Listening Systems nation wide since 1983.

We passionately help people break communication barriers at their favourite venues (houses of worship, meeting halls, theatres, auditoriums, stadiums) and at points of interaction (service and reception counters)anywhere people connect to listen, to hear and to enjoy the sounds of life!

Get in the Hearing Loop | Celebrating Success!

Impact Partners

Our impact partners are our campaign champions. As donors and sponsors, our funding partners see a future without barriers to communication for everyone and have invested in making the campaign priorities a reality.

Campaign champions provide us with the resources to promote inclusion, remove barriers to participation and help bring crystal clear sound to Canadians experiencing hearing loss.

By partnering with forward thinking individuals and organizations, we can build a barrier-free Canada for the hard of hearing community.

How You Can Help As An Impact Partner

This campaign needs You to bring crystal clear sound to over 4 million people in Canada who experience hearing loss.

That’s about 1 in 10.

All new initiatives need champions.  People who will help move the needle forward.  People who will advocate, educate and give financial support.  This campaign is no different.

Loop Installation Champion

You can champion a site installation in your own location or sponsor the installation at a community site like schools, churches or seniors centres. You can choose to sponsor a pre-selected site by us, or one identified in your community by you.

Imagine giving customers and clients the comfort of knowing the barriers to hearing in your location have been removed and their inclusion matters to you.

Site Champion sponsorship starts at $4,000.

Campaign Champion

The Get in the Hearing Loop Canada initiative needs campaign champions. As a campaign champion you will provide us with the resources to promote inclusion, remove barriers to participation and help bring crystal clear sound to Canadians experiencing hearing loss.

Campaign Champion opportunities are endless. This could be an individual or family donation, or a corporate sponsorship.

We are looking for financial impact partners to help us fund installations in public venues of all sizes (including equipment and labour) and campaign marketing and promotions.

We are open to your ideas too though. Let’s work together to see what you can do.

Get in the Hearing Loop | What Hearing Loops Provide

The benefits of being a campaign partner:

‘Hearing Loops’ break down barriers to customer service at the library, not only for those with a T-coil but for everyone who may need a bit of extra help to hear.  We are so grateful to have this technology available to enhance library service in our community.

Kathryn, Chief Librarian, Grimsby Public Library

Effective loop systems double the use of my hearing aids; from hearing whispers spoken on a local theater stage, announcements at the Grand Rapids Airport or my minister’s thought-provoking sermons – all I need to do is push on my telecoil.

Dr. David Myers, Hearing assist advocate from

Immediately, it was a success. It has helped people’s communication immensely, and it’s a great fit with our ABLE pillar, which is focused on finding ways to make our workplace more accessible. This is a way to improve the in-store experience, and a way for us to connect better with customers with hearing aides.

Paul, District Manager of Market Franchise in Northern Ontario, Your Independent GrocerTM

Collaboration and understanding deliver the very best results for those in the Hard of Hearing community.

Richard Plummer, National Executive Director, CHHA